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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Graduation 101: How to Dress + Tips!

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!:) This coming Wednesday is my convocation ceremony and I am so excited to officially graduate and see everyone in my program again! Today's post is going to be a combination of some tips to think of when shopping and picking out your outfit, and a little inspiration through some outfit ideas I put together! So lets jump straight into my tips!

#1: Dress
  • You want to look stylish yet sophisticated on this are graduating after all ;) This is your time to add your personal style to show your personality and reflect on what you've accomplished over the past few years! Basically you want to look like YOU! :) 
  • If you are buying a new dress, make sure you can wear it again, perhaps to a work dinner or holiday party this year! 
  • If possible, find a dress with pockets. First off pockets are so adorable, AND you can keep your phone and lipstick on you at all times under your gown. A side purse will look funny when you're walking across the stage..(get your sister or mom to carry it for you then). 
  • Avoid high necklines, as it may look funny when wearing the gown. Find out what colour the hood is for your degree, so if you are going for a high neck it won't clash with your hood colour.
  • Try going for a form fitting or sleek dress, as anything with too much poof will make you look frumpy under the gown. 

#2: Shoes
  • Wear something comfortable like a wedge, low heel or a flat, so you can walk in them all day, and you don't risk being "that girl" who falls on stage. 
  • When wearing the gown, people are mainly only going to see your shoes, so find your most stylish (comfortable) pair that can go with your dress.
  • Switch to some nice fancier heels for pictures after the ceremony, the luncheon and/or dinner with your family. 
  • If you are wearing open toe shoes, make sure to paint your toes and have them match your dress :) 
  • Plan ahead! You don't want to decide last minute on what shoes to wear, and eliminate all your cute open toe shoes because your toes aren't looking that pretty. 

#3: Accessories 
  • As much as necklaces are my favourite piece of jewelry, during the ceremony I would probably leave my neck bare when wearing the gown. Go for some simple stud earrings, bracelets or watch if you want some bling.
  • After the ceremony rock a necklace w/o the gown if you want!
  • Like mentioned above, have a clutch or small purse with you for after the ceremony, but leave it w your parents during the ceremony if its too awkward of a size to carry around w you. 
  • What items to keep in your clutch? (wallet, phone, camera, rollerball perfume, lipstick, mascara, concealer, mini hairspray, bobby pins, safety pin) 

#4: Hair/Makeup
  • Do not try out a new hairstyle or makeup look for the first time the morning of graduation. If you want to try a new look out, practice a couple days prior so you can perfect it! 
  • You are going to be taking a lot of pictures so step up your game a little, whether that be putting in some loose curls, putting on a winged liner or a red lipstick! You want to look extra special on this day :) 
  • For inspiration or to try a new hair look check out my "Hair Tutorial: Seductive Curls" post! 
  • Since your hair and makeup will need to last all day (ceremony, pictures, luncheon, dinner with the fam, celebratory drinks) invest in a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup looking refreshed throughout the day, such as Urban Decay or Mac's Fix+! Also, keep a mini hairspray in your clutch/purse for touch-ups. I recommend the mini TRESemme extra hold (you can get it at Shoppers or Walmart!) 


Now that I've gone over some things you should consider when picking out your outfit, below are some ideas you can keep in mind when shopping for your new dress or outfit. If you already have a dress, hopefully it will inspire you to accessorize! I think the colours are perfect for a fall or winter convocation! :)

Graduation Outfit: navy bow dress, mac rebel lipstick, steve madden wedges

Graduation Outfit: burgundy dress, statement necklace, sandal heels and blue clutch

Graduation Outfit: black long sleeve lace dress, nars lipstick, and crystal flats

Depending on your budget, I would try shopping at Forever21, Dynamite, The Hudson's Bay, Guess, Bebe, Zara, Club Monaco, Banana Republic and if you're in Victoria the boutiques on lower Johnson! I hope you found this post helpful, and I cannot wait to see some of you at graduation!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you find the perfect outfit!!xo

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