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Saturday, April 05, 2014

March Favourites

Hope all of you had a great March! Last month I traveled to Osaka, Nagoya and Kobe on the weekends to visit friends, sightsee and of course do some shopping! It was a crazy busy month so during the week I wore very light makeup and saved getting dolled up for the weekends! Here are a few of my favourites for the month.

First is Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Moist 24 in the shade 02. It's a lightweight coverage BB cream and doesn't feel like I'm wearing any makeup so it's great for work! I have to admit though I wish the wear time was a little longer as I have to re-apply if I am going out in the evening. There are only 2 shades, but this one is the perfect match for me right now!

Second is this CanMake Powder Cheeks in Nable Orange. CanMake is a very popular and affordable drug store makeup brand in Japan. They are known for their blushes and I have to agree they are amazing! On another note though why have I never gone for an orange blush before?! I am absolutely obsessed!! I've worn this literally everyday this month-no joke. I think it's going to be perfect for the summer once I get my tan too! Also this would be a great alternative for girls that have lighter skin where bronzer is a little too harsh, an orange blush would bring just the right amount of colour to your face!

Check out their website here:

Last are the Diamond Lashes in the type Glamorous. They are hands down the best lashes I have ever tried in my life (and trust me I've tried a lot)!! I am wearing them in my Hair Tutorial beauty post (Check it out here: One pair lasted me this entire month and I used them every weekend! They are so thick and well made they really make my eyes pop! I'm going to Tokyo next week so I will definitely be picking up some more lashes in this brand!:D

 Thanks for reading!xo

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